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How to start your Business Development

By Wouter van de Westelaken on May 22, 2020 10:21:08 AM

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Now the world is slowly ‘opening up’ again and recovering, it’s time to think about new business and your Sales Development Strategy. Off course that’s not an easy thing to do, and probably you first would like to get in touch with your top 10 clients to see how they came through this pandemic situation. But iff you're a company that's committed to serious growth, a Sales Development Strategy is pretty much necessary.  

However, ‘Strategy’ in Business Development Strategy is a word that may put you off, it certainly doesn't have to be complicated. It's as easy as identifying your top 50 ‘Desire customers’. Which organizations would you like to add to your list of favorite customers for 2021?

This is how it works

As soon as you identified these 50 it’s time to engage with them. Make sure you get in touch with the right person to see if you can find that ‘Personal connection’. After all, we all know that a personal connection is a basis for doing business together.

Time to get started: grab the phone, call your Prospect and connect. This is the fun part! If it doesn’t work the first time, or your call is not being answered, don’t worry. Our experience is that you need at least 4 attempts to succeed.

And when you finally manage to get your prospect on the phone, you'll shine like a movie star and have the best sales pitch ready. After your spectacular performance you will see that doors will unexpectedly open. Not with every prospect immediately off course but imagine that you score 5%. Then you still have 2 great new customers.

At The Partner Sales Business Development is in our nature and we know what we are talking about. And of course, we also understand that getting started is not that easy. Especially when it is not your core business. That’s why we can help you with this!

We have our Telemarketing Services especially for smart people who understand that you need Business Development to grow your business, but who also know that they find it difficult to do themselves.